CRAM - Clube de Radioamadores de Americana


Welcome to the AESP-14 Receiving Contest Experiment. This experiment was conceived and implemented by the Americana Amateur Radio Club (CRAM) with the objectives to promote amateur satellite activities, STEM education, and good will.

The contest rules are simple. The first 10 participants that upload 100 unique MD5 strings received from the AESP-14 Cubesat will be awarded a commemorative diploma. You are free to work alone, in teams, using web SDRs, sharing strings with friends, etc. Let us know your strategy when you finish!

If you are are an SWL, do not have an amateur radio callsign, and wish to participate in the contest, please contact us to get an ID. SWL participation is very welcome and encouraged.

To participate, organize all received MD5 strings (all of them, not just the ones from the last pass) into a text file (one string per line), copy the contents of the file and paste them into the form in this page.

Good DXing and good luck!

73, the CRAM team

(C) Edson W. R. Pereira, PY2SDR

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